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I m jst a simple guy who likes to live every moment of life like a man.. I believe that though there cant be happiness arnd u all the time.. or u cant be happy all the time bt da life still can be beautiful all the time ...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Music my life

Whenever i listen to ne kind of good music i just start floating on it.. the melody, the words affect deeply..

I m a versatile listener, means right from altaf raja to jagjit singh whatevr tht is good, i listen to it.. language has never been a barrier for good music.. thts wher the magic is.

and then sometimes a regret pops up tht why cant i create nething.. but now thers no time left for it and all opportunities are lost.. may be in future i'll try.

But m satisfied that atleast m a good listner and thts the gift i hav recieved from dad.. he too has big versatile collection.

Whenevr i meet ne of my dad's collegemate, dad is remembrd for his mastery on harmonium and craving for good music.. i cudnt create such impression though i alws wanted to.. I can just lie to myself by saying Every1 cant b good everything.. I too dnt knw wht m i good at..

I love listening and may be m good at it.. everyone likes my collection of songs..

tht is all i hav and i will try hard to maintain it..


Manish Mattawar said...

As u said...Music my life...same here..
and bout ur regret...life aint over yet :D

Akshay said...

Meeee toooo i would say my soul is music .. although i never learnt to play any musical instrument ..but i hope that changes soon ;)

Akshay said...

I think we should make collection of all the artists or bands which we love in one hdd same as movies in their top quality...so that we never run out of ......the buzzz ;)
i already have a few 320kbps collections ;)