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I m jst a simple guy who likes to live every moment of life like a man.. I believe that though there cant be happiness arnd u all the time.. or u cant be happy all the time bt da life still can be beautiful all the time ...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Music my life

Whenever i listen to ne kind of good music i just start floating on it.. the melody, the words affect deeply..

I m a versatile listener, means right from altaf raja to jagjit singh whatevr tht is good, i listen to it.. language has never been a barrier for good music.. thts wher the magic is.

and then sometimes a regret pops up tht why cant i create nething.. but now thers no time left for it and all opportunities are lost.. may be in future i'll try.

But m satisfied that atleast m a good listner and thts the gift i hav recieved from dad.. he too has big versatile collection.

Whenevr i meet ne of my dad's collegemate, dad is remembrd for his mastery on harmonium and craving for good music.. i cudnt create such impression though i alws wanted to.. I can just lie to myself by saying Every1 cant b good everything.. I too dnt knw wht m i good at..

I love listening and may be m good at it.. everyone likes my collection of songs..

tht is all i hav and i will try hard to maintain it..

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Wen m writing this, there are only 2 hrs left for next day... Tht next Day is Weekday..

I really hate sunday evening.. coz the next day is about to come and u realize that so many things hav been left to be done..

Wht did i do dis wknd? dis has only the usual answer as 'Nothing'..

Saturday is a half day.. so got bak from hospital at 1.. had my lunch, watched a movie and den slept.. got up at 10. and den as usual saturday night party.. Me and my Co-PG Swaroop.. and Again two movies and den slept at 3..

Got up early in da morning means at 8 but den was nt getting what to do so watched a movie, had my breakfast and wen i was finished wid all dis suddenly i realised that its 3 in da afternoon so again, time for sleep, and den got up at 8.30..

and i dont remember wht i did for last one and a half hour, coz i didnt do nething significant.. so that was it .. weekend is over. just like so many other weekends that i hav wasted.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Its been too long...

No m really not goin to start wid my old crap.. tht i was really busy so cudnt write nething and blah blah.. but seriously I was..

Its been too long tht I hav talkd to my dearest friends.. tht doesnt mean manya is not one of them.. M may be bein lil senti.

but had nt talkd to maddy since so so long.. to Arpit also.. had talk wid him for HD ka thing but jst for that.. and even anya too.. Sorry had nt talkd to suyog also..

may be everyone's real busy .. mail chains hav also drownd somewhere.. means its nothing like that surroundings have changed but suddenly a gap has appeared.. And I fear it should nt convert fship into just a formality.. Or has it?

I am also resposnsible or I m only responsible for wht I m cryin.. but dnt knw wht wil be next step?

Since after my ulcer attack.. everything around me has become shiny and bright and enjoyable.. means as I had already claimed tht 2k9 is mine .. all the positive energy is flowing around me.. its nt like tht all the problems are solved but atleast m facing all the problems instead of running from them..

so lets see how long it goes...

but in all dis something m really missin.. something thts everything..

was plannin to go to Mumbai dis weeknd but nt possible nw.. hav so many excuses..

so dis is the thing..


Friday, May 15, 2009


I hav really lost the count , How many times i hav watched dis movie and Its still goin on in the background when m writing dis post..

Dis film is nothing less dan a magical creation by Farhan Akhtar.. means aftr dis I hav becom die hard fan of him.

I still remember the first time we all watchd DCH in theatre.. Most of the guys in my grp wer der and we all got too much involved in dat.. Means i wont say tht it affectd our Fship but it surely influenced alot.. Means we all found some part of ourselves and also of our Group in Samir, Siddh and Aakash and their Fship..

Girls, parents, fights, misunderstandings, egos etc etc so so many things potrayed there are found in our life..

Why did we plan our first big trip to Goa? Why tht urge visit the same fort?( dnt worry i will not reveal our secret)By no means we wer trying to imitate the things dat they did, but the all the time when we wer in Goa tht DCH feeling was der..

Lovin older girls, dominating girls, fighting for girls, flirting, serious proposals, falling in love wid every girl u meet and then agian falling on face each and every time.. all dis has been happenin wid us..

Dis group thing has come a long way since den.. We decide every time tht thers's no such thing as group and we find only our public arnd ourselves for everythin.. Let it be its a differnt topic..

Neways I wil watch dis movie 1nce agn..

Friday, May 8, 2009

Smwhere I Belong....

NY, LA, PENN, etc etc You just throw these names in public n atleast u'll get a glance from ur nearby public which is oderwise least botherd abt u..

Means I too hail from a place which is called as PKD aka Pandharkawada, Or YTL( Yavatmal)and the most famous atleast in dis flock is NGP i.e. Nagpur.. But who is bothered..

Saw anya's NY pics, read his post and thought ke yaar kitna sahi hai.. Kabhi to ye sab dekhna hai..

Seriously yaar these are all developed countries,,

but when you see from a tourism's point of view India is also not behind.. Incredible India, Atulya Bharat..
We hav everythin except developement., but because of dis lack of developemnt some natural beauty spots are still virgin, coz Indian public is really uncontrollable.. Means dey hav dat born ability to ruin nething thts worth preserving ( Especially Gujju public)

Its my dream to once travel All da places in India, means u find something amazing at each and every place..
I want to go to East,Northmost, South and even Central India,,

though we get excited by lookin at dis foreign cities but How many of us hav seen atleast 25% of India..

M nt being too Ideal tht I dnt want to see dis fascinating foreign places but It will be not right on my part If I miss something which is in my home..

Jai ho...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Coming soon...

Mostly my posts are nothing but flow of my emotions.. I write wenevr I m sufferin thru a sudden Emosional Attack.. My last post is also like that..

Emotions start flowing under da influence of Music, Movie or a Call and All of the mentioned things take place When I m under influence of Somrthing else( No need to Mention )

Tomorow ther r chances tht Ke we might party at my place.. So rt nw only M warning all the few sufferers who read my blog that a New post is goin to come soon.. So Beware..

Neways I sometimes regret that whtevr I wrote at tht time might not be the right thing.. For ex. I thought once, of deleting my last post.. but den I didnt, coz its my blog ( N very few read it) So no tension rt nw..


Monday, April 13, 2009


Where did I go Wrong? What was was my mistake? Did I fall shaort newhwere? No I seriosly I didnt.. I didnt..

Many Wont understand dis but I did what was to be done.. the option that was best for my love though may the worst for me but I sacrificed..

I dont want to claim tht I am da first one to do dis or i did the greatest thing but I know one thing for sure tht I did something tht I wont be able to forget so easily... Its gonna stay wid me

But right nw I really dnt knw nething.. but I m desparately frustrated... I just believed in 1 thing which I dnt knw is true or right or not but I just said "Tum jaha bhi raho (though not wid me) bass khush raho"

bye tc...